A Close Call


Photo by Andrew Gotshall

The football team poses for a picture with their Egg Bowl trophy with pride and joy.

The Egg Bowl is always an exciting game. It brings to mind a tight game with the last few minutes almost always being filled with tension. This game didn’t disappoint. With a final score of Casa Grande Gauchos 37, Petaluma Trojans 36 you would think it would have been a relatively close game, but for the first half, it was the opposite.

The Gauchos started out with the ball, and on the first play, the ball was intercepted by Petaluma High. Petaluma then marched downfield and scored with 8:42 left in the first quarter. They then attempted something they would do multiple times throughout the rest of the game, which was attempt an onside kick. The Gauchos then gained control of the ball and turned it over on downs. Petaluma now had possession and also turned it over on downs. The Gauchos turned the ball over the last time to Petaluma who ended up scoring on that drive with 1:07 left in the half.

The Gauchos, even with a minute left, did manage to score, converting a fourth down attempt with 6.9 seconds left in the half, leaving the score at Petaluma 14, Casa 7. Senior Jack Faris commented on the mood in the locker room at halftime.

“At first everyone was sort of joking around happy because we had scored just before the half ended. Then a couple of our seniors stepped up and said we are losing, this is a bad situation, we need to get our heads on straight and then a couple of coaches just talked to us for a little bit just about different game plans and how to improve in the second half and win the game,” said Faris.

After halftime, Petaluma received the kickoff and scored on their first drive bringing the score to Petaluma 21 Casa 7 with 7:12 left in the third quarter. Casa then returned the favor, scoring with 4:59 left in the third bringing Petaluma’s lead down from 14 to 7. Petaluma started out the fourth with a touchdown and 11:54 left in the game.

Casa Grande then scored within 60 seconds of receiving the kickoff from Petaluma at 11:07 making the score Petaluma 28 to Casa’s 21. Then Matthew Murphy gave the school a chance to score by jumping on a ball fumbled by Petaluma with 9:18 left in the fourth. The Gauchos then converted a fourth down and ended the drive with a touchdown with 7:09 left.

The Gauchos then attempted a two-point conversion. The Gauchos ran the ball to put two more points on the scoreboard putting them up on Petaluma 29 to 28. Petaluma received the kickoff, converting on a fourth down as they went, eventually scoring with 1:03 left. They put themselves up 36 to 29 with a two-point conversion giving Casa 1:03 to lose, tie, or win the game.

The Gauchos received the ball, and immediately Jadon Bosarge, Casa’s quarterback, ran the ball bringing the Gauchos within 50 yards of the end zone. After an incomplete pass, Bosarge ran the ball again, putting the Gauchos on the 34-yard line, and spiked it to put 34.2 seconds on the clock. Bosarge then threw the ball to the back left corner of the end zone completing the pass to Carson Carrigan. The Gauchos then went for two and converted, giving them a one-point lead.  Petaluma, now down 36 to 37, did still have a chance to win with 28 seconds left on the clock.

On the kickoff, Petaluma returned the football 27 yards putting them about 65 yards away from the end zone. Petaluma ran the ball for a four-yard gain and then for a first down leaving 9.5 seconds left on the clock. After an incomplete pass, there were 4.7 seconds left giving Petaluma just enough time to get one more play. Petaluma ran the ball and the final horn sounded as the ball carrier was brought down. Bosarge comments on the results of the game.

“I mean, it was pretty good, because we won, obviously. Our student section was great, they were super supportive. And then it came down to the wire. It was a great football game, both teams played really good, but we came out on top, so it was like even better because it’s [my] senior season.”