Egg Bowl: Casa Prevails in a Booming Atmosphere


Photo by Owen Davis

In a much anticipated battle between the Petaluma Trojans (7-2) and the Casa Grande Gauchos (5-4), both teams delivered an exciting game for the spirited crowd on Saturday.

As the entry line into the stadium continued to grow, the Gauchos immediately marched their way down the field. Quarterback Wyatt Abramson sent the ball to the Gauchos’ group of wide receivers, and before many fans had entered the stadium, the Gauchos scored the first touchdown. The Trojans, however, had a swift response. Trojans quarterback, Henry Ellis, slowly and methodically led the Trojans into the endzone. The Trojans would miss the extra point into the field goal, and after each team had a possession, the Gauchos were ahead 7-6.

Photo by Owen Davis

Early in the game, both teams were feeding off their fans’ energy. Cheerleaders were leading chants, fans were on their feet, and the bands provided inspiring tunes. The Gauchos rewarded their energetic fan base as Abramson delivered a deep touchdown pass to receiver Lucas Miles. Again, the Trojans used their crowd’s energy to navigate their way back in the end zone. Costly penalties from the Gauchos’ defense also fueled the Trojans’ drive. With plenty of time still left in the second quarter, the rivals were tied 14-14.

Knowing the Trojans offense was rolling, the Gauchos needed to score once again, and that is exactly what they did. With the drive being extended, in thanks to a roughing the passer penalty on the Trojans, the Gauchos continued to dominate on the offensive side. The scoring drive included an impressive run from Ryder Jacobson, and was capped off by a touchdown reception by Jordan Giacomini. Bleachers shook with enthusiasm while Casa’s band blared their brass and beat their drums. There was no need to look at the scoreboard as all the ruckus on the Gaucho side of the field indicated the Gauchos were winning.

The Trojans were poised to tie the game before halftime, and it looked like they were well on their way of doing so, but Gauchos’ defensive back Roman Hill had other plans. The crowd erupted after Hill dove to the ground for the interception. With only a minute left in the first half, the Gauchos held the ball and headed into the locker room with an impressive 21-14 lead. 

Photo by Owen Davis

To open the half, quarterback Ellis orchestrated a scoring drive that did not end until four minutes remained in the third quarter. Their ability to run the ball effectively allowed the Trojans to run the clock down while they evened the score for the second time. Casa’s student section sang Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA” for all to hear as the third quarter came to a close. With the game tied 21-21 entering the fourth quarter, the party was just beginning. 

The Trojans were looking to ruin Casa’s party in the final quarter. They quieted the home crowd with a rushing touchdown, capped off with pink confetti and smoke from the visiting bleachers. The Gauchos were getting the ball back, and they were certainly not going down without a fight. The Trojans defense began pressuring quarterback Abramson, but he produced effective scrambles that had the Gauchos just 25 yards from tying the game. Abramson, however, threw an interception that devastated the Casa crowd.

Photo by Owen Davis

The Casa defense was going to have to come up with a quick stop. The Trojans continued running the ball, and a rushing touchdown gave the Trojans a two-score lead, but there was a flag on the play. As the referee called off the touchdown, due to holding by the Trojans, Petaluma’s band and students prematurely celebrated. Their cheers quickly stopped after realizing the touchdown did not count. Still, the Gauchos had hope.

Casa fans cheered relentlessly for the defense to get a stop on fourth down, and the defense delivered. The Gauchos had the ball with two minutes left in the game. They needed a touchdown to tie things. With the clock continuing to tick, the Gauchos pulled a trick play where receiver Miles miraculously found Spencer Almond for a lob touchdown pass. The crowd went crazy, but the Gauchos still needed to make the extra-point kick to tie the game. To the surprise of many fans, the Gauchos made the gutsy decision to attempt a two-point conversion that would give them the lead with only a minute left on the clock. In a play that seemed to last forever, Abramson observed the field and threw a bullet to Giacomini in the corner of the endzone. Casa’s crowd roared “Our House” chants, and the Gauchos were up 29-28. The Trojans had a minute to make something happen, but the Gauchos’ defense quickly shut them down. 

The game was over. The sea of green and gold hellaciously celebrated, while the sea of purple quietly headed for the exit. With a season that has had many great wins for the Gauchos, including a dominant Homecoming victory, this was the sweetest of them all.

Photo by Owen Davis