Gaucho Sports Now – Release 3 (2022-2023)

Gauchos: it’s already winter, and that means a new sports season is coming up, with an all new lineup of fun activities and games.. Practices and tryouts are starting for some of our favorite sports which include soccer, wrestling, and basketball, which are coached by wonderful staff and family who are old and new to the Big House. The winter season asa Grande gets many of our athletes and students hyped for the coming season for games and moments that many will remember for years to come. Let’s dive into some Gaucho opinions on these upcoming sports. 


When talking to many of the Casa students, quite a few of them say they take pride in competing for the Casa Grande Wrestling Team. Many of the wrestlers have started at Kenilworth Junior High and that’s when their love for the sport sparked into a raging flame. Jacob Quintua, a Casa junior, has been participating in wrestling for five years straight.

“This season, I’m looking forward to a dominant performance both from the team and myself.” 


Let’s get kicking into yet another favorite of the Casa sports community: Soccer! This year, the teams are being coached by Vinnie Cortezzo on the girls team and Jordan Schlau on the boys team. The girls soccer team won the Valley Vine Tournament last year, and hope to win again this season. When speaking to juniors Gabby Gotshall and David Ramierez about their upcoming season, Gotshall, who has been playing for 8 years now, stated, “I’m excited to win the Valley Vine Tournament again and dominate the season.” Ramirez, who has been playing for 13 years remarked, “I’m looking forward to working with my team against the difficulties we come by this year.” 


Finally, let’s jump into the season with coach Fahy and Coach Himes with boys and girls basketball. The Gauchos are very excited for this sport to start up. Students are eager to watch the players dominate in the court. Casa’s Basketball team has grown to be very popular in the past few years, and many students take pride in playing the game. Casa Grande senior Avery King, captain for the girls varsity team, said “I’m mostly looking forward to being captain, and playing Petaluma my senior year.” Then, junior Kyle Carlson, who has been playing the game for 12 years, said “I’m excited to play Petaluma High School at home.”