Gaucho Sports Now – Release 5 (2022-2023)

Hey Gauchos! Welcome back to the new semester and the first issue of Gaucho Sports Now for the 2023 school year. The Gauchos are still continuing to play winter sports until their seasons end next month, and over the break, we had many wins and, to the dismay of Casa Grande, some losses. However, instead of dwelling on the unfortunate and disappointing moments though, let us focus on the good things and get straight into the current sports situation here at Casa Grande.



Right now, the varsity team for boys soccer has been dominating their rivals game after game during this season. Even though they have tied 4 games, the team has still come out on top, won 5 games, and beaten Petaluma High. The Gauchos competed against them on the Petaluma High Field, and they won with a score of 2-1. Looks like the Gauchos have their season in the bag with how things are going!

With the lady Gauchos kicking into their soccer season as well, it’s been a little all over the place, but nonetheless, the girls varsity team has also been dominating. Currently, the girls soccer team has secured 5 wins, 3 losses, and 1 tie. Importantly though, they have been on a winning streak lately, and we know our ladies will keep it up. The Gauchos have beaten Petaluma High School twice this season at the Big House and on the Petaluma Field.



The boys varsity basketball team has had some big wins this season, but sadly, they have also had big losses as well, stacking up to be at 14 losses right now with only 4 wins. Their last win was at the Sonoma County Classic Tournament at Piner High School when they played against Petaluma High School, finishing the game with a score of 43-42.

Right now, the lady Gauchos on the girls varsity basketball team have made out with a score of 3 wins and sadly 8 losses. The ladies have recently beat Justin Sienna high school last Tuesday, Jan. 17. The team beat their rivals Petaluma High at the Big House with a score of 41-18 and coming up on the 31st they plan to face Petaluma again on their grounds and the ladies plan to dominate again!