4 Casa Teachers and Their Side Hustles


Photo by Owen Davis

Statistically more than half of all K-12 teachers in the United States earn income from sources other than their base teaching salary (according to the National Center for Education Statistics). So what are some of the Casa Grandes teachers’ side hustles? 


1.    Ms. Byrne

Ms. Byrne, one of Casa Grande’s Human Interaction teachers, waitresses at a country club and nannies during the summers. 

“I have a side hustle over the summer nannying and also working at a country club waitressing.” (Rebecca Byrne, Teacher)


2.    Mr. Siders

Todd Siders, one of Casa Grande’s history teachers and race, class, and gender studies teacher used to be a Lyft driver on the side during the weekends. 

“I Lyft drove for years,” (Todd Siders, Teacher)


3.    Mr. Addams

Mr. Addams, one of Casa Grande’s science teachers, used to teach summer school. 

“I’ve not had to do much extra work except I did teach summer school for the extra money for 3 years here at Casa.” (Todd Addams, Teacher)

“Once you get 10 or more years under your belt the pay is actually very good. The work is still pretty intense,” (Todd Addams, Teacher)


4.     Ms. Castleberry

Ms. Castleberry, one of Casa Grande’s English teachers, used to cater events. 

“I used to cater for events because I have been professionally trained in the kitchen.” (Kelin Castleberry, Teacher)