Gaucho Sports Now – Release 8 (2022-2023)

As the winter season slowly fades away, it’s time for the Gaucho athletes to gear up for the much-anticipated spring sports season. From baseball and softball to track and boys tennis, badminton and boys golf, girls and boys lacrosse, the warmer weather brings with it a plethora of outdoor sporting events that offer an exciting experience for both athletes and spectators alike. Spring sports offer a perfect opportunity to get outside and enjoy the sunshine while taking part in some high-intensity action. The Gauchos are ready to get out of the field at the Big House and dominate.



Many of the boys at Casa Grande take pride in the game on the field and on the side lines. Right now, the boys lacrosse season is at a tie with 2 wins and 2 losses, but the team is hopeful that it will triumph against its rivals on Friday, April 17 where they’ll be facing Clayton Valley Charter School in Concord at 7 p.m. At the moment, the team is in first place for the Vine Valley League.

The girls at Casa Grande are proud to be a part of the Big House lacrosse program even though we have had a little bit of a rocky season so far; with 3 wins and 3 losses, the girls have kept their heads up through thick and thin! The games the team have lost have been close ones, so they never let their opponents take the win that easy.



The boys team has been kicking up quite a storm recently, and currently has 3 wins and only 1 loss to Rancho Cotati from March 8. The Gauchos plan on dominating the rest of the season! With the next game against Northgate High School in Walnut Creek on the 18th the team plans on taking the victory and keeping their first place position in the Vine Valley League.



The girls softball team takes much pride with the sport and always fights as hard as they can. Right now, the Lady Gauchos have 5 wins and only 1 loss to Redwood High School and have taken first place in the Vine Valley Athletic League with many of the other local teams.



Many students from all grades love to pursue track at the Big House and over the years, many of the Gauchos have had big wins at their meets and competitions. When talking to students who are on track, they have been very confident in their activities. The team had a track meet on Friday, April 14, and won first place in multiple events. Many of the Gauchos are getting ready for the Montgomery Classic, which is a meet encompassing most Northern California schools.



Among the talented Gaucho athletes here, many of the boys take pride in playing for the Casa Grande Tennis Team. Last week, on April 11, some of the Gauchos sadly lost against Vintage High School. However, two days later, much of the team won against their hometown rivals, the Petaluma High Trojans. The Gauchos are looking forward to competing in the Vine Valley Athletic League Tournament this coming Tuesday.