Teachers: Then & Now

Have you ever wondered what your teachers were like in high-school? Seeing your teacher day after day in their classroom can sometimes make it seem unreal that they also were once a high-school teenager. Their memories, stories and experiences helped shape our teachers into who they are today.


Casa Revista asked a few students about what they thought their teachers were like in high school and gathered information from the teachers themselves. This is what we found:

Mrs. Bacho

“Mrs. Bacho had great grades.” TRUE Bacho exceeded in all of her classes in high school and got good grades

“Mrs. Bacho was a rule breaker.” FALSE Bacho followed the rules and instructions given by her teachers

“Mrs. Bacho had a lot of friends.” TRUE Bacho had friends in many different groups and she talked to everyone 

“Mrs. Bacho was not interested in sports.” FALSE Bacho excelled on the varsity swim team

 Mrs. Bacho liked school.” TRUE Bacho enjoyed the experience and the people she met along the way

Mr. Adams

“Mr. Adams was a chill guy who kept to himself.” TRUE Adams tended to keep to himself and his close group of friends

“Mr. Adams was a rule breaker.” FALSE Adams was very honest and didn’t get into trouble

“Mr. Adams was in band.” FALSE Adams didn’t start playing musical instruments until later in life

“Mr. Adams participated in farm education classes.” TRUE Adams was able to participate in tasks such as caring for farm animals during school 

“Mr. Adams was athletic.”  FALSE Adams did not partake in sports