An Unwelcomed Guest


Photo by Owen Davis

On Monday, February 27th, an unwelcome visitor made his way to Casa Grande’s campus, which resulted in a modified lockdown occurring during 5th period.

The man in question was a well-known transient to the Casa Grande staff. Based on the information that the Petaluma Police Department had given Casa Grande’s staff, the transient had been trying to gain access to a classroom in the M-wing. 

His intentions were to get under cover from the rainstorm that had occurred that day. The weather conditions were windy and wet and the Petaluma Police has stated that the transient’s intentions were completely innocent.

This situation left many people in distress, including teachers. In the few weeks prior to the event, multiple concerning situations had occurred throughout Sonoma County. 

At Maria Carrillo High School in Santa Rosa, Calif., a student had brought a gun to school. Nobody was injured, but the students’ safety was threatened during that time.

On the exact same day, a student at Montgomery High School was stabbed to death during his art class. Santa Rosa Police did not distribute much information because the person that was killed was a minor. 

At our own school,  two unknown students who wore dark outfits and ski masks disrupted a classroom in the R-wing to assault a student, causing a great deal of uproar from parents and community members.

Many students and teachers have been left feeling unsettled in the Gaucho community due to these recent incidents. To combat further harm, new procedures and information have been disseminated to students and parents.

During the transient situation which led to a modified lockdown, students began to question what the difference between a modified and full lockdown was. 

During a modified lockdown, students must remain calm, stay in their classrooms, and continue along with their schoolwork. Teachers will initiate further precautions, like locking the doors and closing the blinds. “Some things that may lead to a modified lockdown are a mountain lion on campus, a fight in the hallways, or an unarmed homeless man on campus,” according to Mrs. Bridges, who is a part of the safety team at Casa.

For a full lockdown, the lessons happening in classrooms will cease. Students are prohibited to leave classrooms at all times until the threat has passed and/or been neutralized. Like in a modified lockdown, teachers will close window sills, lock doors and windows, and turn lights off.

If you are outside of the classroom during the lockdown process, find the nearest classroom to hide in. If you are in the restroom, then lock the stall and stand on the toilet until someone on the loudspeaker announces that you are safe. 

If you are at break or lunch, find the nearest classroom. You should be instructed by the teacher in the class.

It is important to the Casa Grande administration and staff that students know they are safe on campus. During times like these, it is important we stay together as a community and support one another as a Gaucho family.

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