Valentine’s Restaurant Recap


Photo by Summer Cole

The Seafood Pasta at Hank’s.

Three of our Gaucho Journalists went to Hank’s restaurant in Petaluma in order to find the perfect Valentine’s Day dinner place. Similarly, many food chains and even local restaurants have altered their menus to appeal to the Valentine’s Day scene. 

The three of us attended dinner at Hank’s restaurant in downtown Petaluma. This was a perfect spot for a Valentine’s — or Galentine’s in this case — dinner. Right when you walk in the door, you are met with friendly faces and beautiful decor. The booths were decorated with roses at the center of the table. The service was rather expedient, as our waiter speedily took our orders and discussed the specials with us.

Lauren Ellis ordered the Chicken Fettuccine Pasta. It was a very light meal with very creamy sauce. It’s definitely suited towards those who have more of a “picky” palette. 

Lauren Reposa ordered the pepperoni pizza. The pizza was six slices with stretchy cheese and light tomato sauce on the bottom. The pizza was placed on a stand and you self-served your own slices. The pizza came out steamy and hot. She got the to-go box since it was way too much for one person to eat all alone. 

And finally, Summer Cole ordered the seafood pasta. The blend of local meat was paired nicely with a butter sauce and plenty of good seasoning. It seemed like a small portion at first, but was very rich, and was more than enough food. 

Although Hank’s was great, there were plenty of other hot spots to check out in Petaluma.

Local restaurant Seared, created a unique three course menu, just for Feb. 14 only. Options included luxuries like crab bisque, filet mignon, and chocolate torte. The restaurant usually does a menu change like this for different holidays, making these special days even better. 

Not every couple on Valentine’s Day, however, is set on the “fancy dinner” approach, yet still want to be romantic. The local Chick-Fil-A was perfect for them. Guests received their nuggets in heart-shaped trays. This approach was more suited towards the people who wanted to spend their Valentine’s Day in a more relaxed manner.

The most relaxed one could go, however, would be to stay at home altogether and not cook. Thanks to the Petaluma Food Taxi, this is possible. It’s more of a Petaluma-style DoorDash or UberEats. This organization focuses on local restaurants and giving back to the community. It’s the perfect way to enjoy your favorites, while staying at home on your couch. 

Whether you’re the high-end restaurant or the stay at home type on Valentine’s Day, Petaluma has so much to offer. Local residents had a variety of options to choose from, and we cannot wait to see what the next holiday brings to the local food scene.