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Wake-Up Call: An Energy Drink Review

The first energy drink in the world was called Lipovitan-D, which was developed by the Taisho Pharmaceutical Company in 1962. Since then, energy drinks have been around for around 50 years, with these drinks first starting to become widely popular in the 1990s when Red Bull first came out. As time has continued passing, many different types of these drinks have continued to be developed, and we’re going to be tasting several of them today.

Celsius 9/10

Celsius became popular in 2020 by advertising all-natural ingredients that contained more caffeine than other energy drinks. Hearing that Celsius had all these benefits, such as no fructose corn syrup and no sugar, made me want to try it. Ever since I tried it a few months ago, it has become my favorite drink. This drink had a nice orange flavor, which was balanced out by a nice hint of acidity.

Aulani Nu 2/10

This drink’s popularity was at its peak in 2022 and has still maintained its hype ever since. Given its popularity, I was excited to try a drink that had captured a wide fan base… but this drink was outrageously disgusting.  I hoped it might be similar to Celsius, but Aulani Nu tasted like snow cone syrup and cough syrup had a baby in the worst way possible. The taste alone almost made me throw up, and I wouldn’t give this drink to my worst enemy.

Red Bull (sugar-free) 8/10

Red Bull has been popular since the 90s, with sales only continuing to skyrocket throughout the years. In 2022 alone, it sold 11 billion cans worldwide and with that has come some unique flavors to say the least. I decided to try the original flavor, which still is the most popular to this day. The flavor was very sweet and acidic, but I am glad they put it in the can because the weird yellow color was rather unappetising. I would definitely try Red Bull again if offered.

Monster 3/10

Monster Energy has been popular since the 2000s and was first aimed at skaters and kids, with this brand having already sold 347 million drinks in 2023. I have never had Monster before so I was anticipating a nice experience given its large fanbuse. But, upon my first sip, I immediately regretted it. If battery acid were a flavor, it would put a name on what I tried, and the term “disgusting” barely captures how terrible this drink was.


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