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Healthy Alternatives

Healthy Alternatives

October 7, 2019

A typical Monday morning, school starts in twenty minutes. The most convenient snack tends to be chips, ...

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New School Year, New Admin

October 6, 2019

 The start of a new school year often creates change on campus, yet this year, the change is substa...

High School Youtubers: What is the Toll?

High School Youtubers: What is the Toll?

May 30, 2019

Jacob Prior is a sophomore here at Casa Grande. He is a pretty average sophomore. After he finishes hi...

Type 1 vs. Type 2

Type 1 vs. Type 2

May 28, 2019

But when you have seen stories of children with Type 1 diabetes dying in their sleep; when you have seen stories of people dying because insulin is too expensive for them to buy; when you have seen the strange looks on people's faces as your brother tests his sugar or receives insulin injections; when you have seen people telling your brother that he must have eaten too much sugar as a kid; when you have seen people ask your brother if he has the “good” or “bad” diabetes; when you have seen your brother get seizures from low blood sugars; when you have seen doctors promising your brother a cure in 5 years but they said that 10 years ago -- then you will understand that not all forms of diabetes are caused by neglecting to care one's body, as Type 1 diabetes is the body uncontrollably attacking itself.

An Alternate Path For Discipline

An Alternate Path For Discipline

May 26, 2019

By changing the way that authority figures in schools react to kids actions and consequently changing the way punishment is pursued, restorative justice is the key to building a broader sense of community within schools and homes.

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An Unexpected Prodigy

May 25, 2019

By utilizing the layering of neutral canvases with vibrant accents or offbeat cuts, the combination of abnormal silhouettes and clever simplicity are what makes Abloh’s work so desirable.

A student puts her final touches on her letter before sending it off

International Pen Pals: Beyond Letters

May 22, 2019

Many students on campus take classes at some point during their high school careers to learn a foreign language. With that, one of the best ways to learn a foreign language is to practice. Students in Kim Fowler’s Spanish two class have been fortunate enough to authentically practice their best Spanish: they have been writing and receiving pen pal letters with high school students in Spain.

The Array of Famous Alumni from Casa Grande

The Array of Famous Alumni from Casa Grande

May 20, 2019

The alumni from our school represent a vast array of personalities and talents, some of which have become famous. Some well recognized names –– Amy Gutierrez, Elijah Qualls, Jonny Gomes , and Michiko Kakutani –– have received attention in careers ranging from journalism to sports. They continue to leave an impact on the school campus.

Sister Scandal

Sister Scandal

May 18, 2019

Since Westbrook’s video, Charles has lost over three million subscribers on his Youtube channel, and 400k followers on Instagram, with A-listers as Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Iggy Azalea, Demi Lovato, and Shawn Mendes, and former friends Emma Chamberlain, and Ethan and Grayson Dolan unfollowing him. While Charles’ business ties and contracts with Morphe and Ulta remain to be intact, his merch line Sister’s Apparel seems to no longer be in production.

For those who suffer from an eating disorder, simple tasks can be a difficult, often paralyzing battle.

Mind and Body: The Fight Against Eating Disorders

May 8, 2019

“Sometimes people personify anorexia and think of it as something that’s their friend or makes them feel good, but it's not real. It's something that your brain has created to make you feel like you’re not worthy.”

The new CEO of Nintendo has an all-too-fititng name.

Will Bowser Finally Rule Nintendo?

April 22, 2019

This Monday, April 15th, marks the changing of CEOs at Nintendo of America. Fans were shocked to hear of the retirement of CEO Reggie Fils-Aime, after leading the company for 13 years, and even more at his successor: Doug Bowser (yes, you read correctly).

The psychology of mental illnesses is often not obvious; the Gaucho Gazette inspects the science behind mental illnesses and psychological disorders.

The Psychology Behind Mental Illnesses

April 22, 2019

While the exact science of where mental illnesses stem from, the psychology and science of how these illnesses work has become an increasingly interesting and prominent topic, especially to high school students.

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